Flight…Letter From Chotelal Mehra


Siddhartha sir,
Hello Sir, I hope you are well. I am sending a mail about my three-month college experience. How did I spend my three months in Bangalore and what I learned there? I hope would you good feel after reading my experience.
With humility, all the students of their college salute the faculty and management and all the staff. Under whose supervision. I thank all those professors for completing their course. I hope that all the friends of the college will be doing well. With this, you want to share some of your three-month experience with people who are as follows.

When I was going to Bangalore, at that time I had lots of questions in my mind. How will I manage there? How will I maintain time? How will be friends? How will I do interact with the professor? Anyone does know Hindi or not? Etc. It’s like many questions were in my mind. But after came there, I get the occasion of knowing about it. I did see the first time the environment like that. My orientation programme was the start of 4th July to 16th July. That was two weeks orientation programme. Because in this period had lots of activities for doing like cinema, IT, Yoga, Music, Artcraft, property, Odissi Dance, Kathak Nratya, is it. In this programme which I did pick of Hath Yoga. It was the reason for that, they said whatever you want to do in it. Which are you don’t know that should Choose. In my group was 16 members including me. We did 5 days practice of it. And after that, we did present on the stage. It was my first day on stage front of 7 hundred people. At that time I was feeling shouldn’t any mistakes of me. If did mistake public will laugh. I did very constantly without any fear and hesitations. It was a good experience for me. I did get confidence and know more think. When was my first day of class? At that time they were talking about the programme. What will you have done two years and how will be done of assignments, lots of think they said. And also said you would be reading in one day 30_40 pages of the compendium. And assignment will come on it.

At that time I was focusing on the language. Because that language was very academic. I didn’t hear before of like that, because 1st to 12th and also college it was my Hindi medium. I did face the problem with language. l knew only basic. And also the problem early get up in the morning. I did feel very difficult manage of time. Early morning bath and ready for college. And college time is very long 8:40 to 6:30. That’s type problems. My 15 days went worst because I was not understanding well. When something does not understand at that time felt slept. Around 17 of July weekend. Pranjal sir and Prashant sir have come there. And they called me. If you’re free and want to you meet with us you can come to the Marathalli restaurant in Bangalore. I went there and did discuss with them about my situation. They said don’t worry continue your struggles. After Dinner 10 o’clock I left from there. At that time I was very happy. Day by day I get lots of reading. I thinking how will do completely. Because I had two problems one is slow speed of reading and the second one is understanding in English. I was Bother how to do. I decided to I will take help of my friends. In my class only has 4 people they know only a little bit of English. Then 40 people know very well. Also, someone has 12, 5, 3,8, year experience. I have to only there has without any experience. I did take start helping. Being two in months I had very stress on my head. Because lots of assignments reading, I didn’t do like that.

As soon I get field immersion list. That time feels comfortable because I did meet a chance goes for outside. On September 7 to 24, I was in Rajasthan for field work and school observation what’s going on in Government schools. What about Rajasthan education system. Which types of community on there and how to relate to education. What’s a problem they are facing. What is the enrollment ratio their school? I get an opportunity Know about of it. I went to Rajasthan in Tonk dist. In two weeks of my fieldwork really enjoyed. After fieldwork and now I feel better because I have a habit to that like an assignment, reading. College professors called that of name C Mehra. They kept my name C Mehra because they do feel difficulty for my name that, sway they do it. They want to only shortcut. Now I am feeling better and studying with enjoying but not fully enjoy. 

Thank you

Chhotelal Mehra

MA in Education

Azim Premji University Bangalore Electronic City

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